HTC looking to add features to lock screen in Sense UI

When it comes to HTC, adding any kind of improvements to their Sense user interface means they’re trying to make (arguably) the best UI better. If a new report is true, then it looks like that’s exactly what the manufacturer is doing. AllThingsD is reporting that HTC plans on adding a few tweaks to the Sense lock screen. Namely, they want to make it easier for users to access their email, messaging, or the camera. Furthermore, HTC wants to include the weather right up front, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking the device anymore to see how it’s going to be outside. They’re also thinking about including features like turning the phone over to silence the ringer, or using the ambient light sensor to tell when the phone is in a pocket, to make sure that it rings louder before it’s removed. One might call these subtle, if not expected changes to Sense UI, but it’s a welcomed change nonetheless if it does indeed happen.

Via PhoneDog, AllThingsD

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