HTC Merge pops up on Verizon’s site

The Verizon-branded HTC Merge is one of those devices that existed at one point in the past, but has seemingly all but disappeared since then. While it’s appeared on other regional carriers (minus the Verizon branding, of course), namely US Cellular and Alltel, it’s yet to make any kind of official appearance on Verizon’s site, or press releases. But, we know it exists, and it looks like Verizon is starting to remind people of the fabled device’s existence, too, thanks to their website. The Merge is starting to show up in advertisements on the site, promoting text and picture alerts. It’s right there, staring customers in the face, even if they can’t buy it quite yet. We’re still waiting for Verizon to officially announce the device, give it a price tag, and then give us a release date. But this could be an indicator that that may be happening soon. Anyone out there still wanting this device?

Via PhoneDog

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