HTC Pyramid debuting at April 12 event, will be called Sensation

The HTC Pyramid is one of those devices that’s been rumored and rumored about over the last few months, but HTC has been strong, and kept all the official information about the device from the public. While images of the device have reportedly leaked in the past, general information about the handset is still hard to come by. Rumors suggest that it’s a 1.2GHz Android-powered device, and now Pocket-Lint is confirming that HTC will be announcing the device on April 12th, and HTC’s “see what’s next” event. Unfortunately, as many code names go, the Pyramid is reportedly being dropped off in favor of “Sensation.” The HTC Sensation is said to be launching in the UK in the next few months, but there’s no word on when, or if, HTC will be dropping the Sensation in the United States.

Via PhoneDog, Pocket-lint

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