LTE onOFF lets you control your network for free

You had to figure that with lightning fast innovations in network speed, and snail-slow innovations in battery tech, once 20+Mbps data connections hit handsets, battery life wasn’t going to be a pretty sight. The simple solution? Turn down the network innovations, aka toggle from 3G to 4G. Thanks to an open source project from Cunning Logic, that toggle just got easier.

There are other methods of toggling your network connection on your HTC Thunderbolt, but LTE onOFF is quite simple, free, and open source. Once installed on your LTE equipped Verizon handset (currently only the T-Bolt, but future compatible with others), you simply follow a series of prompts to be taken to your connection settings where you can choose “CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto,” for 4G, or “CDMA auto (PRL),” for 3G.

LTE onOFF has been available for about a week now, and so far there have been little to no complaints. To download, click on the Market link below.

Market link


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