Motorola adding LTE to XOOM in the summer, Bionic landing at the same time

While those who purchased the XOOM were expecting to get their promised upgrade to LTE capabilities somewhere in the 90-days after launch ball park, it looks like Motorola has been forced to delay that upgrade until later this summer. Unfortunately, there’s few details being passed around as to why Motorola decided to wait, but the most prominent rumor is that Motorola’s waiting for Verizon’s 4G network to get a bit more widespread before they start the huge upgrade process.

On the flip-side though, it looks like the often-rumored to be cancelled Motorola Bionic is indeed coming out, and it should hit store shelves sometime this summer (around the same time as the LTE upgrade for the XOOM, incidentally). As we had heard in the past, the Bionic’s delay was related to the 4G technology it boasts. Just to soothe some people over though, Motorola is throwing in a few “enhancements” to the device, which the company is still being coy on at this point. Is anyone still interested in picking up the Bionic?

Via PhoneDog

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