New Android test Market hints towards updates for music, gallery, clock, and camera app

In what appears to be an honestly weird twist of fate, a Samsung Galaxy S owned by the guys of Techfrom10 (link currently broken) has been updated with a new test version of the Android Market that shows signs of good things to come.

Along with the soon to be fully integrated ratings system Google will be enabling in the Market, there are download options for a new camera, gallery, music, and desk clock app. As the apps have been ripped and tested, it seems the only one that works is the music. Much like the previously leaked music .apk, the option for streaming is still available, only this time you aren’t allowed to sign in.

As for the other mysterious app updates, we’ll just have to wait and see how Google plans to take Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and whatever else they nab from Ice Cream, to rework the latest versions of their already killer native applications.

Via Android Police

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