New leak shows Verizon readying a 16GB Xoom

When it comes to buying a new device, for a lot of people it’s all about the price. When someone walks into Best Buy and sees a range of devices with different prices to choose from, they feel like they’re getting the best deal possible. If a leak out of Droid-Life today is correct, it looks like Motorola could be headed in that direction with the Xoom.

A new screen-capture from Verizon’s internal system today shows a 16GB Xoom that will feature 4G LTE. There’s no information on pricing or availability, but one would assume it would be cheaper than the current 32GB model. If the WiFi only model also came in both sizes, Motorola would certainly have some diversity backing their products. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Via Droid-Life

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