NOOKcolor updated to v1.2, Android 2.2

An update for Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor has been released today that features not only a new version of Android, but turns up the functionality of unhacked NOOKcolors.

The biggest change in the NOOKcolor’s update to 1.2, which is actually Android 2.2, is the addition of B&N’s “broad collection of popular NOOK Apps.” You won’t find access to the Android Market or other similar Google branded apps, but you will find a wide selection of apps B&N deemed necessary for everyday use, including, yes, Angry Birds. There’s also some B&N designed apps, like the e-mail, client as well as Flash and multiple enhancements to the e-reading capabilities of the NC.

If you’re looking to grab your update, head on over to the NOOKcolor support center for more info.

The NOOK Color Ver1.2.0 update contains new features and enhancements, including:
Access to shop a broad collection of popular NOOK Apps™ to enjoy great games, stay up to date on news and weather, and more
Full-featured free email to check and send web-based email (i.e., Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL) all from one in-box
NOOK Color’s update to Android OS 2.2/Froyo offers system improvements, browser performance and a more complete Web experience giving customers access to enjoy even more video, interactive and animated content. NOOK Color now includes support for Adobe® Flash® Player
NOOK Kids™ exciting new Read and Play titles that bring animation, activities and stories together
NOOK Books Enhanced offer in-page video and audio in a growing number of titles
Enhancements to magazine navigation making it easier to enjoy even more of the growing selection of magazines in NOOK Newsstand
NOOK Friends™ (beta) to see your friends’ reading activities, swap books with LendMe™, share recommendations and discover new titles

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