Review: Mugen Power extended batteries for the Nexus One

When the Nexus S was first launched, most owners of the Nexus One said said one thing: No thanks. While some do deem the jump to the “S” a worthy upgrade, most have been just fine holding on to their original Google phone until El Goog can come out with something to really top the first. Unfortunately, those original Nexus Ones are getting old. Say what you will about HTC’s fine level of craftsmanship, but when a phone gets older, you can certainly tell. So how can you breathe some new life into your device when a full charge and a ROM flash doesn’t patch your fix?

Mugen Power Google Nexus One 1600mAh Extended Replacement Battery

Everybody needs more battery power right? Whether your phone is old or not, one of the biggest complaints about Android phones is the battery life. If you’re looking to extend the battery of your Nexus One without adding any addition bulk to the device, then look no further.

The Mugen Power 1600mAh battery for the Nexus One is a 3.7v battery that claims to last “1.14 times as long” as the the original Nexus One’s 1400mAh battery. My original Nexus One battery I used to compare the 1600mAh against was fairly new, and switching from one to the other was still a more than welcome change.

In real life use with my switch to the Mugen battery, I found battery life was far more than 1.14 times as long. Not only did I notice much more battery power was left when charging at night, but doing things like playing games and watching videos made the battery drain a lot slower. And that’s not even the best part.

My favorite thing about the 1600mAh battery is the profile. It is incredibly slim. In fact, it’s the exact same size as the OEM battery, meaning there’s no need for an extended battery door. If you’re looking for a trim alternative replacement battery with a little extra power under the hood, I can confidently say the Mugen 1600mAh battery for the Nexus One is the way to go.

Ordering information on the Mugen Power Google Nexus One 1600mAh Extended Replacement Battery.

Mugen Power Google Nexus One 3200mAh Extended Replacement Battery with Battery Door

For some users, 1600mAh still isn’t enough. You may need something that won’t just last several extra hours, but several extra days. That’s where the Mugen Power Nexus One 3200mAh battery comes into play.

As you can see in the pictures provided, the 3200mAh battery definitely adds some weight to your device. Does it make it so you can’t still slide it in and out of your pocket with ease? No, it’s actually not bad in person once you get it in your hands. Does it offer some of the best in class power improvements for the extra bulk it does provide? Most definitely.

If you properly charge the battery as per the instructions provided by Mugen, your battery power will skyrocket right off the bat. I didn’t non-stop play video over WiFi while Twittering and Facebooking to see how long it takes to kill the battery, but that’s because it would have taken days. In the real life tests I ran using every power-hogging feature the Nexus One has to offer, the battery was barely effected. With heavy usage on a daily basis, it still took over two days to fully discharge the battery. On the weekend, when I use my phone slightly less than normal, I could go from Friday to Monday and still be fine.

Everything taken into account — added size vs added power — the 3200mAh battery from Mugen for the Nexus One is a fantastic deal. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, on an extended trip away from outlets, or just looking to avoid the charger, the Mugen extended battery is one you’ve got to try.

Ordering information on the Mugen Power Google Nexus One 3200mAh Extended Replacement Battery with Battery Door.

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