Samsung Droid Charge roundup: Training, source code, price tag

The Samsung Droid Charge, Verizon’s soon to be 4.3-inch Super AMOLED 4G monster, has been all over the place today. Not only has the device been priced by Wal Mart, but training is underway, and Samsung has officially released the source code.

According to Droid-Life, the training that has started for the Charge is nothing out of the ordinary. Except for the mention of being able to use 10 different devices at once with mobile hotspot, it’s just a good sign that the Charge is coming soon.

Another good sign that launch is imminent: source code has been release. Traditionally, Samsung has only released the source code for handsets after they’ve been launched, which means the Charge can’t be more than a week or two away.

Last but not least in the daily Droid Charge roundup, Wal Marts price tag attached to the device. It’s certainly not set in stone yet, but you may want to sit down before you read how much it’s going to cost. On a two-year contract, you’re looking at $300. Why a single-core phone with 2GB internal memory would sell for that much is beyond reason, but we’ll just have to wait for the official launch details before making any final judgements.

Via Droid-Life 1,2,3

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