Samsung Galaxy S II global launch plans outlined, may be coming to T-Mobile

At a release party for the Samsung Galaxy S II in South Korea today, president of the mobile business unit, Shin Jong-Kyun, wasn’t shy about touting Samsung’s plans for releasing the Galaxy S II world-wide.

According to Shin, Samsung plans to have the Galaxy S II sold by 140 different vendors, in 120 different countries. Sales projections match up with how well the original Galaxy S sold, with Samsung expecting to move at least 10million handsets. So who will be the lucky carriers to land the GSII in the US?

While every national carrier in the US — and some regional as well — is expected to eventually carry their own version of the Galaxy S II, there’s a page up on Adobe’s website right now that shows a sample picture of T-Mobile’s website with what appears to be a GSII near the left side of the screen. Not only that, but an anonymous tip has been sent to TmoNews from someone claiming to already have a Galaxy S II running on Magenta’s network. It’s only a matter of time until we know more.

Via Engadget, TmoNews

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