Samsung looking to bring 2GHz dual-core processors to market by 2012

With the current evolution rate of smartphones, seeing 2GHz dual-core phones come to market by 2012 seems more then feasible. In fact, it almost seems slow. But that’s just a number. What really counts is how the processor fits in with the rest of the hardware; memory, graphics, internal storage, etc. Samsung’s Galaxy S line of devices has always been regarded as a milestone in Android because of just how well all of the hardware put into those handsets fit together — something that Sammy is looking to recapture with the blazingly fast Galaxy S II, and something they’ll be working even harder on for the next big handsets of 2012.

According to a high ranking executive within Samsung, the company is looking to build 2GHz processors offering “data processing capacities of a regular PC,” that would be available to multiple manufacturers by 2012. Of course 2GHz dual-core processors are nearly possible today, but with the rest of the hardware integration Samsung is sure to provide, you can rest assured their chips will rise to the top of the stack.

What do you think, a Samsung Galaxy S III with a 2GHz dual-core processor? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Phandroid

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