Skype updated to include 3G voice calls

When Skype for Android was first released, there was a lot of noise being made about how calls over 3G data connections were disabled in the US. Of course it only took a day for a hacked Skype .apk to surface online that did allow for voice calls over 3G, but until now, an official update to the app with 3G voice was never handed out. Enter: Skype version

Available in the Android Market now, the most recent version of Skype finally allows for phone calls to be made over a 3G connection. There’s also a security fix that keeps Skype from leaking users personal data, but the addition of a 3G voice option far overshadows the patch.

If you’re looking to give it a shot, just head on over to the Android Market where you can download, or update, now.

Via Android Community

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