Thursday, April 28th could bring Incredible 2, Sammy Charge, and Xperia Play

In ten days, the Verizon line-up will be upgraded with the launch of Samsung‘s Charge, Incredible 2 by HTC, and maybe even the Playstation device by Sony Ericsson, Xperia Play. At least that’s what Droid Life has gathered, though they have acknowledged the possibility that Play will be delayed due to the devastation in Japan.

Droid-Life also has word that the Droid Bionic was originally scheduled to be released on May 12th (as seen in the image above), but that it has abdicated its launch date in favor of Targa. As I understand it, the situation is that Bionic should still be coming later this summer and Targa will launch on May 12th. Details are fuzzy, and this bit is still classified as rumor.

Via Droid Life

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