Video: Droid X2′s bootscreen hints towards a dual-core processor

Up until this point, it’s only been widely assumed that the Droid X2 would launch with a dual-core processor. There still isn’t any sort of official confirmation, but if a leaked video claiming to show the Droid X2′s boot-sequence is right, there is indeed a dual-core inside.

As you will see in the video below, there isn’t much to look at other than the long hanging screen proudly displaying the words “Dual Core Technology.” There’s no proof the device isn’t just a Droid X with a modified splash screen, but everything looks to be in order. As Motorola has been a huge early supporter of the Tegra 2, there’s good reason to believe the chip will make its way into more devices as the summer release wave rolls out. Be sure to watch the full video below.

Via Android Central

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