Video: HTC HD7 hacked to run Android?

Sure, we’ve all seen out fair share of Windows OS devices hacked to run Android, but none of them have ever even come close to touching on what the HD2 has backing it. That device alone can run multiple operating systems, is NAND unlocked, can run Android from the SD card… the list goes on. Once the HD7 came out, and everyone saw that it was essentially the same phone as the HD2 just in a prettier shell, there was a big “what’s the point” attitude towards development on it. Well apparently, not everyone felt that way, because a new video has surfaced online that shows an HD7 running what looks to be a legitimate port of Sense.

There isn’t many details or information backing the video demoing Android running on an HD7, but it looks real. The only problem with the video is how the back button preforms. Sometimes it works as a home button, sometimes as a back button. Until more information on the video begins to surface, you’ll just have to watch below and let us know what you think: real or fake?

Via Android Central