Video: The Evolution of Mobile

Watching the way the mobile market has changed in even the last two years has been astonishing. If thinking back to the release of the myTouch 3G gets you feeling nostalgic, how about digging through the cobwebs to recall the Motorola “Brick?” That device has influenced the way we communicate today, and so has the earliest BlackBerrys, the Nokias, and even the HTC Desire with Android.

Vodafone has got together with some very talented artists and some 3D projecting mapping equipment to show that evolution and just how far mobile communication has come. From the Brick to the Desire, from interchangeable face-plates to Google Maps, it’s truly an amazing video. After watching, I’m sure you’ll agree that Vodafone takes the words right out of your mouth: what’s next?

Via Phandroid

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