Add scrobbling support to Google Music Beta via user script

As if the excitement of finally having my entire music library uploaded to Google’s media cloud service, Google Music Beta, after several days of impatient waiting wasn’t enough, I’m now scrobbling my tracks with And the great news is that setting it up was an incredibly simple process that took less than 60 seconds. I simply followed the instructions over at Rethinking Thought. Because I use Chrome, I only had to click a link for the user script, authorize the installation, and restart my browser. When I fired it back up, voila, a prompt for linking appeared:

Clicking that took me to an authorization request by

Boom, integration:

And, after playing a track in Google Music…

It shows up in my recent tracks over at

Those of you running Firefox can install the script via GreaseMonkey. Just check out the instructions at the source link.

Throw scrobbling on top of the ability to delete tracks while moible and Google Music is rapidly becoming the best solution for listening to music anywhere. In my opinion, that is. Now, if only our recommendations from could be seen from within Google Music, and if we could share tracks with people who have common taste, we’d really be cooking.

As for mobile scrobbling, we’re still on hold.

Via Rethinking Thought (Thanks for the tip, Marc!)

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