Android Market changes galore

Google isn’t ready to hold back yet. Just announced at Google I/O, the ever-growing Android Market is in for a world of change with new features, developer tweaks, expanded international availability, and more.

First up, there are massive changes being made to the Android Market in order to promote app discovery. Not only will you find suggestions after installing an app, as mention yesterday, but you’ll also find Trending, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Top Grossing (<30 days) lists that will showcase popular apps, regionalized by country. Personalized recommended apps are also coming soon, along with Top Developer and Editor's Choice badges.

As for expanded international availability, it's about time. In 2010, the US held a 70% majority in the Android Market. In just one year, international use is up 60%. In order to help continue Market expansion, Google will be bringing paid apps to 99 more countries this year, bringing the total number of countries with paid-app support up to 131.

Even developers (weird, right? at a developer conference?) got some special news today that should help make the development of Android apps a little easier. Stats on apps and devices will be easier to view thanks to filters; a new app format titled Multi-APK will be available to bundles apps for one single download; sales reports will be back-filed for up to one year now; and app sizes will be changed to allow for up to 4GB. Yes, 4GB apps could be available as soon as June.

The only real bad news is that the app refund window isn't budging. Your precious 15 minutes will begin after your app has downloaded, not when it was purchased, but that's all you get.

To view the new Market Changes in action, visit now.

Via Android Police

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