ASUS rumored to use Intel and Tegra 3 CPUs in upcoming tablets

Based on a tip from industry sources, DigiTimes has reported today that ASUS is working on using Tegra 3 quad-core CPUs, and Intel chips in future tablet configurations. Exact plans on how ASUS will utilize Android in these tablets is yet to be revealed, but common sense tells you there’s a good chance the OS will play a pivotal roll.

At this point in the evolution of Android, these tips from “industry sources” almost seem silly. If you take a look at how many manufacturers are producing dual-core devices, you’ll see that you can’t get away from them. When you look at just who is using the Tegra 2 alone, the numbers may surprise you. The Tegra 2 has become the Snapdragon of 2011, meaning that the chip is everywhere. By that logic, it’s safe to assume everyone will be using the Tegra 3, or something similar, right?

It’s almost comforting to hear someone like DigiTimes say that one of your favorite manufacturers will be using quad-core CPUs in future devices, but hopefully you already knew that, or they wouldn’t be your favorite manufacturer.

Via Android and Me

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