ASUS working on something big for Computex, asks “Pad or Phone?”

ASUS is in a fantastic spot in the Android industry right now. If there’s one thing that will sell more devices than specs and availability, it’s hype — and the Transformer has it. The Transformer can’t be held in stock anywhere it lands, with available units flying off shelves. As of right now (it’s going to change at any minute of course) the ASUS Transformer is the hottest Android device available. Well ASUS is looking to hold on to some of the momentum created by the Transformer, and announce a new product coming out at Computex 2011. The question is, what is it?

ASUS is heavily teasing their next device to be unveiled, saying the company is “break[ing] the rules,” and asking you to figure out their riddle: “Pad or Phone?” Based on the pictures ASUS has released, it could be anything. From the pad or phone gimmick, we know it’s going to be something that combines both form factors, which means one of two things: it’s going to be one device that fits right between phone and tablet, like the 5-inch Dell Streak, or the more likely conclusion, it’s a phone that can be docked into a tablet.

This picture:

Clearly shows the front and back, or top and bottom, of a device. The grey(ish) side is clearly the back, while the black glossy side is a glass screen.

The next picture:

Shows what looks to be something embedded into the back of the first device. It’s at this point that a phone that docks into the back of a tablet starts to makes sense. It fits with the transformer idea, and finally gets ASUS a top-tier desirable phone on the market.

This last picture:

Practically seals the deal. The quote accompanying the picture? “A clip? What for?” Probably for holding a phone in the back of a tablet.

We’ll know more on ASUS’ next super device by May 25th, when they’re slated to release the next teaser, but for now, feel free to provide us with your guess as to what the device could be in the comments below.

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