Facebook goes to the next level smearing Google

After a long series of controversial moves with users’ privacy, Facebook has been exposed engaging in a whisper campaign against Google, in which doubt is cast on the search giant’s respect for its customers’ privacy.

Burson-Marsteller, a PR firm that handles Silicon Valley giants, was recently busted pushing a blogger towards anti-Google posts, which they wanted to see in major publications like the Washington Post and Huffington Post. The Burson-Marsteller agent even offered to assist in composition. It seems as though the indecent proposal was presented to several media outlets, but at least one of the approached, accomplished and respected writer, Christopher Soghoian, felt compelled to make the communications public. Here they are. Who are the agents involved on behalf of BM? A former CNBC Silicon Valley correspondent and a political columnist–Jim Goldman and John Mercurio.

While the BM rep refused to answer Soghoian’s question about the source of the campaign, The Daily Beast confirms that long-time consumer security concern, Facebook, is the culprit.

Via Business Insider

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