Game Corner: Stupid Zombies

Over this weekend, during a five hour trip to Chicago, I had a lot of time to burn. I decided I wanted to try a new game, and I vaguely remembered trying a game on a Xoom that had to do with shooting zombies. Unfortunately, all I could remember was a cartoonisn icon featuring a zombie in crosshairs, and name with zombie in it. I began my search, came across Stupid Zombies, and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Was it enough to keep me entertained for a five hour drive? If I couldn’t even remember the name, could it be as fun as I remember? Read on to find out!

Stupid Zombies

Only available as free with ads, Stupid Zombies from developer Gameresort is currently on version 1.5.1, and is 12M in size. The only requirement for the Low Maturity rated game is Android 2.2 and up. Stupid Zombies recently added support for Open Feint.


Stupid Zombies is yet another one of those games that I can really appreciate for its simplicity. When first starting the game, you can do three things: play, quit, and turn the sound off. For me, this is all I need in a game. It would be nice if you could choose to toggle music and sfx separately, but it’s only a minor annoyance at best. What isn’t just a minor annoyance, is ads. I’d gladly pay for a game any day to get rid of some ads, but Stupid Zombies is a notch above the rest in how they handle the ads they do serve (more on that in a bit).

So should you decide to press play, and not back out of the main menu or turn the sound off, you’ll be brought into the stage select screen, accompanied by some very appropriate horror music. From the stage select screen, you’ll see chapters, and within chapters, stages. Initially, only stage one of chapter I and II will be available. Each additional stage is unlocked by getting a certain amount of stars. Every level has a possible three stars that can be unlocked based on performance. At the bottom of the stage select screen, you’ll find small banner ads. Once you click on a level, however, those ads disappear, and the game begins.

Your character is, for the most part, a play on Ash from Evil Dead (this alone was enough to get me excited), who wields what looks to be a short-barreled shotgun. You can find your character on the bottom left of the screen, above your bullet count (which is five to start out with). Near the bottom middle of the screen is your score, and the bottom right is a pause button that lets you resume, exit, and retry. The pause menu also features your previous high-score, and an ad. There’s no music in the actual levels, just the sound of your gun, and the occasional hunger induced growl from the undead. Winning a level is easy.

Kill all the zombies on screen with five bullets. Simply place your finger on the screen, a marker appears, drag your finger to where you would like to shoot, and release. Eventually, there’s tons of obstacles to avoid, as the game becomes plenty challenging, but shoot to kill is the entire basis for the game. Maybe someday, some unlockables and music would be nice, but for now, Ash, zombies, and a shotty is all you need.

Graphics and Performance

Stupid Zombies has a great feel to it. The game picks up an interesting art style, and sticks with it. It’s not fancy, but it still looks good, and provides great performance. This is something I have been complaining about with console games for years. A game doesn’t have to look realistic to look good. Because of the lack of bells and whistles in the graphics department (again, don’t confuse this with the game looking bad in any way), performance is top tier. On the Nexus S, I didn’t experience a single moment of lag at any stage of the game.

Final Word

Stupid Zombies has all the great makings of a classic game. There’s no complicated setup, it’s easily accessible, and being free really adds to how many more people will be tempted to give it a shot. Sure there’s room for improvement in some areas, but for the most part you’ll be entertained enough to recommend it to friends. Whether it’s on a tablet or phone, I suggest you give Stupid Zombies a shot… in the head… twice for good measure.

Stupid Zombies Market link