Genius app: Amazon free app of the day reminder

Amazon’s free app of the day is one of the things that really got the alternative market up and running. When the Amazon Appstore was first launched, you could find some amazing paid apps for free, and blogs were gobbling it up. The public attention surrounding the program may have died down a little lately, but the free paid apps are still going strong. So the question is, do you always remember? There are days when I forget to check, and happen to miss out on something really good. Of course I could always just set an alarm, but some sort of notification that would help me remember sure would be nice. Enter: Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier.

XDA member cody_04l has whipped up a little app thats job is is so incredibly simple, it’s genius. All you have to do is install Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier, and select a time for when you want to be notified of new paid apps entering the Amazon Appstore. That’s all there is to it. If you’d like, you can view a test reminder, which will show up in your notification bar (a picture sample has been posted below), but that’s not necessary for the app to work. The app is currently at version 1.0, and so there are still a few bugs, but everything works very well all things considered.

To download Cody’s Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier, head on over to the dedicated thread on XDA.

Via Droid-Life

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