Google Calendar events can now be color coded

Do you have ten different Google Calendars? You know, one for homework (or for each class), one for birthdays, one for chores, one for work events, one for dates, one for plans with friends, etc. That’s how I’ve been organizing my calendar, but a new option has arrived today in the form of color coded events. The feature is rolling out and has not hit all accounts just yet.

In order to color code an event, simply click on it and then on the colored square in the upper left hand corner of the pop up window. There, you can select a new color.

While this cleans up the calendars list on our computers and phones, there’s still something to be said for the multiple calendar system. Namely, the ability to hide entire categories from the current view. Perhaps that will be the next feature in this vein; showing/hiding individual color codes.

Via Gmail Blog