Google giving out Fishtank Google TV devices for developers

There sure has been a lot of news to come out of this year’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, and a good chunk of it has been related to event loot. Free Tabs, free hotspots, free Chromebooks… I wonder how gratis gear plays into the 59-minute sellout, and how it might affect next year’s ticket sales.

Well, there’s one more freebie to announce from this year’s I/O, and it’s a whopper: developers at the event submitted ideas for Google TV, and a select few of them will get the first Honeycomb Google TV device, titled, Fishtank. It will be the always up-to-date developer’s choice for coding and is being given out as part of a program called Fishtank–designed to foster development, making Google TV more appealing to geeks and average consumers alike.

Via Phandroid

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