Google launches Music Beta

Here we go, folks. Google’s cloud-based music service is now accepting invitation requests. Go to the Google Music invite page while signed into your Google account, and you’ll get a “thanks for your interest” message, which will eventually be followed up by an invitation in your email. Check out Google Music’s about page for some screenshots and the video embedded above.

Google Music lets you upload your own tracks to the cloud, where they can be streamed back to any device. Playlists can be updated from any device and will remain in sync across all devices. Don’t feel like creating a list? Just pick a song and let Google choose others that maintain the vibe.

The dedicated Google Music Android app is already available, for those who want a taste. See that link for making your music available offline? Looks like Google I/O will be a fruitful stage for new tech today!

UPDATE: Google Music is only for the U.S., at the moment.

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