Google outlines business and education pricing for Chrome

Google is taking an interesting approach as to how the company will ween their way into the business and education sectors of the computing market.

According to Google Product VP Sundar Pichai, thanks to Chromes smooth auto-updates and cloud-based management system, there is a desperate need for Chrome in the workplace. TechCrunch has pointed out that right now, more than 50% of companies today are still running Windows XP based machines, even though the OS is slated to be phased out by 2014. This, combined with other network related problems, means it’s time for a change.

So just how will business, and education, pricing work? For business users, companies can pay $28, per user every month, and that will include hardware, software (and updates), web console based control for multiple users, warranties, and hardware replacements. For schools and students, you’ll only pay $20.

Chrome programs for business and education go live in seven different countries starting on June 15th. For more info, visit the Chromebooks for business and education homepage.

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