Google TV slated to receive 3.1, along with Market access

Coming this summer, Google TV will be receiving a much anticipated update to Android 3.1 that will include a major overhaul in performance, as well as finally allowing full access to the Android Market.

While being able to download apps from the Android Market to your Google TV sounds great, the experience would be incredibly lack-luster if those apps didn’t exist. In order to avoid forcing developers in three different directions, making for lower quality apps and a poor selection, Google TV will be able to run the same apps that tablets do once 3.1 is finally rolled out. Eventually, once Ice Cream Sandwich is made available, apps will be more universal to all platforms, making something like Google TV far more appealing than it is now.

Look for Android 3.1 to make its way to Google TV this summer, along with some major hardware advancements from manufacturers like Logitech, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio.

Via Electronista

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