Google unveils ChromeOS-based “Chromebooks”

It looks like all the hard work put into testing and updating those Cr-48 computers has finally paid off, as Google has just announced the retail machines that will be running Chrome OS. They call them, “Chromebooks.”

Chromebooks are being touted as a new kind of computer. There’s no internal storage. No programs or unneeded software. No intrusive updates or security patches (they’re all automatic). There isn’t even a desktop. It’s just you, the Chromebook, and the Internet. Everything on a Chromebook is going to be based around the cloud, and because of that, things will be incredibly smooth and lightning-fast — 8 second startup fast.

There’s already some upcoming models being discussed, as well as prices, so be on the lookout for more on that very shortly. For now, check out the Chromebook video below.

Via Google

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