Google unveils price points for Chromebook leasing

After unveiling the first official generation of Chromebooks at Google I/O, the big G indicated that companies and schools would be able to get in on the cloud-based netbooks with simple fleet management via a leasing program. And now, we have specific numbers regarding the cost.

Businesses will be charged $28 per month to lease a Chromebook, and educational institutions will pay $20 a month. Not a bad investment for those users, but will the price tag inspire migrations in enterprise environments that are fully entrenched in agreements with Oracle and Microsoft? Maybe not, but Google has a great opportunity with fresh, young companies and idealistic universities, if not the corporate monoliths of America.

Why would a company choose Chromebook? Security, manageability, cost effectiveness, and employee satisfaction. Don’t take my word for it, Google is producing a series of videos to educate us all on the benefits of cloud computing.

Via Mashable

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