Honeycomb headed for Google TV this year–preview the UI

Google TV had a bit of a rough start last year, due largely to the fact that a lot of people weren’t sure why on Earth they would need such integration when watching the tube with an old lappy is so comfortable. But the general public is taking note of what universal searching, PIP app access, and Google account employment can do for a lazy afternoon with Pawn Stars.

Perhaps the greatest barrier Google TV faces at this point in the battle for mass appeal is the interface. Well, that and Market access. We learned yesterday that Honeycomb–specifically, Android 3.1–and Market access would be hitting Google TV this summer. But what will it look like? Here’s a glimpse of the revised image:

It’s a fairly dramatic shift from the Google TV enthusiasts are accustomed to. Also announced was the open sourcing of the Android app for controlling Google TV remotely, which, in its current state, is function, but disorganized and less than pretty.

Via Engadget

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