HTC Evo 3D (kinda) available for pre-order at Best Buy

In the release cycle of the modern Android phone, we usually see an announcement — including a release date — followed by a pre-order window, followed by release. This is a little bit different though.

There is a memo floating around internally at Best Buy right now that says today is the day you can start to pre-order the HTC Evo 3D… but there’s a catch: you have to know about it to get it. There is no release date attached to the device, so they won’t be actively talking about being able to pre-order it. If you walk into a Best Buy, however, and ask to put down a reservation, no problem. Certainly an odd way to do things, but it does give those who read blogs — blogs that Best Buy employees are not allowed to talk about — an advantage in line. Anyone up for trying this?

Via Android Central

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