HTC renders provide first look at 10-inch “Puccini”

Freshly leaked online, PocketNow has their hands on a set of renders from HTC that provide a first time look at several new Android devices still in the pipes.

Perhaps the most interesting of the renders, the device you see above is rumored to be HTC’s 10-inch Honeycomb tablet known as Puccini. There isn’t much else available on this new tablet, but word is AT&T will be supporting it with their LTE 4G network.

As for the rest of the renders, they fall into the same unknown category as the Puccini. The Holiday is rumored to be some sort of Aria replacement for Ma Bell, the Rider is still pegged as an HTC super-phone with an unknown destination, and the Glacier — which is the codename for the myTouch 4G — appears to be a myTouch without the myTouch branding.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for these four devices once they make their way into an official announcement any day now.

Via Phandroid

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