HTC testing a new handset designed just for women

Just the thought of a phone manufacturer designing an Android handset just for women is strange, and according to This Is My Next, that’s exactly what HTC is doing.

Making its way through study groups right now, the HTC Bliss is a calming green Android handset for Verizon that comes preloaded with software targeting women — shopping apps, calorie counters — and accessories to match. Not only does the Bliss turn into an alarm when placed on a special charging mat, but there is also a notification charm, that comes on a string, ready to be placed on your purse so you don’t have to go digging through your bag to see if you have any messages (for an idea on how such an accessory would work, take a look at the mockup below).

Whether or not the Bliss will make its way to Verizon depends on how the study groups react to the device. If everything checks out, expect to see more Bliss in the coming months.

Via This Is My Next

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