Limited edition DroidDog shirts available this week only!

The folks behind iSteam Andy, Exploded Andy, Unstoppable Andy and other Android themed merchandise have put together something special for DroidDog: a limited edition shirt, available this week only!

The “Enjoy Android” T features Coca-Cola lettering on the front and a DroidDog logo on the sleeve. It’s made of the same quality material as the other Android shirts we’ve covered by Dion and his cohorts. These are American Apparel garments, which means a soft and comfortable fit. Like the group’s past shirts, the design is a high quality print–no iron-on garbage.

The only difference between the DroidDog limited edition and previous offerings is that this one is going for just $15 and you only have until Friday to order. After that, they’re gone!

Head on over to to grab one now.

All profits go to the creators of the shirts. We just want to see you wearing them.

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