MKB Reviews: SpeedX 3D

I’m personally not a very frequent gamer on my Android device, but when I do reach for my phone to game it’s usually to kill time or to keep myself entertained for a bit. SpeedX 3D is a game that has the potential to become the next big thing; it has a replay factor that keeps me reaching for my phone to try to beat my own previous score.

The developer’s description:

“Stunning accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer with amazing 3D graphics”

This is about as detailed a description as you need to convey something like this. Like all great games it starts off pretty easy than slowly gets more complex and more challenging. SpeedX is also the only app in the market that supports 3D glasses – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Either way, the game is addicting and fun. I love it! For the full review check out the video:

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