New Nexus devices: “there’s always going to be new ones coming out in the market”

The Nexus roller-coaster has always been a wild one. When the Nexus One first dropped, so did jaw across the globe. It was the next step in mobile computing, and set the pace for other devices world-wide. Then, it all fell apart. Originally only selling the Nexus One online, sales were bad, and it looked like Google wouldn’t be taking on the handset business any time soon. That is until they changed their sales model, and released the Nexus S. By using a retail outlet like Best Buy, and now Sprint, Google has been able to get their precious pure Google experience device into as many hands as possible. Fortunately, for Android enthusiasts who can’t get enough updates, and always want the best Google has to offer, the Nexus line doesn’t stop here.

A Nexus Three has been rumored for quite some time now, bearing a dual or quad-core processor, and the godfather of Android, Andy Rubin, has at least confirmed its existence. According to a quote from Rubin,

“The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there’s always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we’ll make an announcement at some point in the future.”

There’s no confirmation of specs or a release date, but the promise that the Nexus line isn’t going anywhere should be good enough for now. Though I will say, “some point in the future” can’t come soon enough.

Via Android and Me

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