Plants vs Zombies landing soon as Amazon Appstore exclusive

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy PopCap Games has brought to my life. As far as mobile game developers go, the company stands behind some of all time my personal favorites — one of which, is Plants vs Zombies. PvZ is a great strategy defense game that just has that signature PopCap feel to it. Animations are incredibly smooth, sound fx/music is well produced, and colors and graphics look fantastic. I’ve played the game on every platform I can get my hands on expect one: Android. Fortunately, that’s about to change.

Starting on May 30th, the Amazon Appstore will oversee the exclusive launch of Plants vs Zombies for Android. If you snag PvZ on launch day, just like Angry Birds Rio, you can get the ad-free version for free. After that, the price shoots up to $2.99. Three bucks for Plants vs Zombies on your Android device of choice is still a great deal, but not nearly as great as free.

Be on the lookout for a Game Corner review of Plants vs Zombies once the game finally launches.

Via Phandroid

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