Rumor alert: Could Amazon be working on more than just a tablet?

In one of his famous, incredibly in-depth rumor reports, Taylor Wimberly from Android and Me has laid out the ground work for quite an interesting prospect. According to some of Taylor’s inside sources, Amazon isn’t just working on an Android tablet, but an entire family of Amazon devices.

Whispers that Amazon is working on a tablet have been floating around for quite some time now. If this new rumor was simply about a family of tablets, it wouldn’t be all that interesting. Amazon already has different configurations available for the Kindle, and translating those configurations over to a tablet lineup only makes sense. This new rumor, however, also includes the mention of a possible Amazon smartphone.

We’ve already discussed here at DroidDog how Amazon is one of the only companies with the ecosystem to support a move like this, but does an Amazon smartphone really make sense? Considering Amazon’s connections with parts manufacturers, and how their current software is already optimized for smartphones, it does. Not only would Amazon be able to generate revenue with the sale of hardware, but they’d be putting their software in more hands than ever.

So when could we expect to see an Amazon tablet, smartphone, or both? The general rumor is still sometime this year, possibly near the holiday season, but only time will tell. Be sure to stay tuned to DroidDog as this long-time rumor continues to unravel.

Via Android and Me

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