Samsung Charge photo and video samples

Samsung’s Droid Charge is a high-end Android on Verizon Wireless. The LTE capable beast is their current flagship, and goes for $569 outright or $299 on contract. Other retailers, like Amazon, are offering the device at a discount. Any price break is a good one, and with the Charge, any break is a bargain. Though I’m not a big fan of the physical design, there’s no arguing that Charge is a serious contender in the spec department.

The Droid Charge rocks a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display at 480 X 800 pixels, and runs Android 2.2 under TouchWiz. The processor clocks in at 1GHz. Charge has an 8MP primary camera capable of capturing 720p HD video. The gadget is no slouch in the photo/video department, and some samples are in order.


All images were scaled down from 3264 X 2448, the highest resolution available.

Inside, Day:

Outdoors, Day

Inside, Night:


All of these videos were shot at 1280 X 720, so be sure to select 720p from YouTube’s pop-up resolution menu. The HD embed option that YouTube has implemented isn’t working for all browsers.

Ourdoors, Day:

Outdoors, Night

Indoors, Well-Lit:

Indoors, Night:

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