Samsung Galaxy S II source code released

In recent months, Samsung has really tried to prove themselves as a customer-conscious company. They’ve been working hard to roll out updates in a timely manner (something they’re not doing to great with), and making sure to get the source code for new devices released as soon as possible (something they’re doing great with). In keeping up with one of these new traditions, Samsung has already released the source code for the new bad boy on the block, the Galaxy S II.

Available in the UK now, the Galaxy S II is no doubt going to be the Android device to beat this year. Consumers have always been instantly attracted to the incredible technology behind Samsung’s Galaxy devices, and with the source code behind them being released as soon as they’re made available, developers are starting to sway that direction.

If you’re looking to download the source code for the Galaxy S II and see what’s inside, head on over to the Samsung Open Source Developers Center and do it up.

Via Android Police

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