Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Google I/O edition on Ebay

Are you angry that you weren’t able to snag a ticket for this year’s Google I/O in the 59 minutes it took before they were sold out? Now be honest: How much of that frustration was generated by the news that this year’s freebie–a common thread and hotly anticipated unveiling at every I/O–was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Well, don’t kick yourself; you’re not the only one. And thankfully, some attendees are aware of that. They are willing to part with their special edition of the tablet for what I assume will be an entirely unreasonable price. This edition of the Tab features a white back with Android design and the software is straight Honeycomb–no Sammy UI. 3.1 will be hitting this tablet soon. The gadgets are turning up right now at the auction site, and a quick ebay search reveals that one 10.1-inch tab is commanding over $1,000 with 22 hours remaining, and another is listed for $2,000. I won’t be the least bit surprised if that second one sells.

Via The Gadgets

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