Specs on WiFi only Galaxy Tab not what they appear to be

When comparing price points between the WiFi only Galaxy Tab, and 3G enabled Galaxy Tab, one would assume that the WiFi only version got its price drop for two reasons: no 3G radios on board, and the device is not aging well. Unfortunately, there’s a third undiscussed reason.

Normally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, paired with a more than capable PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, and Bluetooth 3.1. Not in the WiFi only edition. The WiFi only Galaxy Tab comes with an OMAP 3630 CPU, SGX530 GPU, and Bluetooth 2.1. No one is reporting a terrible difference in overall responsiveness and daily use, but it’s still interesting that Samsung somehow forgot to mention this parts swap when all of the original press materials were put out.

I highly doubt anyone was still considering a WiFi only Galaxy Tab, but if you were, does this change your mind?

Via Engadget

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