Video: Android App Player for BlackBerry PlayBook demo

Whispers and statements of Android apps running on the BlackBerry Playbook circulated for months until RIM finally announced it would be happening. The press release for the announcement discussed how it would work at a system level, but exactly how the buttons and compatibility issues would be solved hasn’t exactly been discussed in length until now.

Today at BlackBerry World, the Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook was finally put through the paces, and it was all captured on video. By using the Android App Player with easily ported Android Apps, users of the PlayBook can utilize gestures for buttons on any and all apps. In order to avoid “[confusing] your users,” everything looks very uniform with the rest of the OS, and in the demos shown below, things run impressively smooth.

For Android developers to get their apps into BlackBerry’s App World, they simply have to sign up with App World and port their apps over. Being able to use BlackBerry and Android apps on the PlayBook is certainly a strong selling point, but how it will affect sales numbers has yet to be seen. To get a look at exactly how the Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook will work, just check out the video below.

Via CrackBerry

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