Video: HTC reminds you why you want an HTC Sensation, hackers remind you why you don’t

Just yesterday, HTC put out a six minute video outlining some of the new features debuting with the Sensation. There’s several key areas HTC goes over in both the hardware and software aspect of the device that showcase just what kind of premium handset the Sensation is.

For starters, we get to take a close look at the Sensation’s “premium unibody construction.” This isn’t the first unibody phone to ever be released, but the three tone combo of metal and plastic on the Sensation should make for a great feeling in hand.

Generally thought of being included just for looks, the video also points out how the Sensation’s contoured glass display not only looks and feels great, but protects from damage when laying face down on a surface.

And what’s behind that contoured glass you ask? The Sensation’s gorgeous 4.3-inch 960×540 qHD Super LCD display. There’s 35% more pixels than a “typical display,” making your true 16:9 movies crisper than ever.

As for what’s powering the device, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor finally brings HTC up to speed with other offerings from rival manufacturers. The processor being used in the Sensation hasn’t always tested the highest in preliminary benchmark runs, but any differences are so trivial, they’re guaranteed to go unnoticed in real world usage.

One of the most important aspects of any new smartphone is the camera. The HTC Sensation can record video in full 1080p with stereo hi-fi audio, and well as take pictures the moment you press the shutter button — something that will certainly be put to test once the device makes its way into the general public.

Of course any new HTC device wouldn’t be complete without the latest release of the company’s signature Sense UI. As always, the newest version of Sense is centered around a great mixture of flashy looks, and added performance. There’s a new lock screens with multiple options for unlocking, an enhanced weather widget, video sharing, HTC Watch for streaming movie on demand, and a slew of enhancements to the phone’s browser, e-mail, and more.

Clearly, the HTC Sensation is built to be a power-house super media phone. After watching the video and taking a look at all the device has to offer, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t want to buy it.

Well, there is one thing…

While more and more companies are embracing unlocked bootloaders, allowing for hackers to easily write custom recoveries to flash ROMs with, the Sensation has a signed locked bootloader. Essentially, unless hackers get lucky, the Sensation will stay stock for the duration of its life. If you’re into flashing custom ROMs and making the most of your device, you may wanna let the Sensation mature for a minute once it’s released to see just how development goes. It may be next to impossible, but I highly doubt the Android community is going down without a fight.

Via Android Police

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