Android in numbers: Gingerbread usage and market share on the rise

To say that Android is constantly growing bigger, always taking a larger piece of the pie, well, at this point it’s practically common knowledge. The OS has shown no signs of slowing, and the numbers are there to back that up.

According to a new press release from comScore, their MobiLens report shows that Android’s market share has grown some 5.2% over the last quarter, putting BugDroid’s total share at 36.4%. Of course this tremendous growth comes at the expense of other operating systems. Apple’s growth has come to a slow with the company only gaining 1.2%, while RIM, Microsoft, and Palm all lost market share. To put Android’s market share into perspective: Android gained 5.2%, Palm owns 2.6%; just half of Android’s growth in one quarter.

In other numbers-game related news, a report from the Developers Blog showing Android version number usage puts Gingerbread, more specifically 2.3.3, at an all time high of 8.1%, up from 3%. The dominant version number? Still Froyo, or Android 2.2, with 64.6%.

Via Android Central, Android Guys

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