Android Live Chat #6 on Wednesday at 7PM EDT!

Hey all, just a friendly another reminder that at 7 PM EDT tomorrow evening, the Live Chat will be held at PhoneDog’s Ustream Channel. For your convenience, I have embedded the stream below. You can also watch from your Android device by downloading the Ustream app, which can be found here.

On a quick side-note: this week, I plan on stealing a few ideas from Sydney over at PhoneDog and beginning the chat out with a hot topic of the week or two. If you have any topic suggestions, shoot them to me via Gmail or Twitter (@PDCasper).

Notice: You will not be able to chat unless you go to the Ustream channel and login. If you do not want to create a Ustream account but still want to ask me questions, follow and ask me on Twitter (linked above) or head on over to DroidDog’s Facebook page. I will be answering questions from there as well.

See you then!

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