Are third-party apps to blame for your phone’s poor performance? Motorola thinks so

During a presentation at the recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology conference, Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha has spilled the beans on why he says most Android phones are brought back after sale. According to Jha, some 70% of Android phones are returned because of poor performance thanks to third-party applications.

Essentially, Jha says the openness of the Android Market is to blame. He was quick to point out that since apps aren’t filtered for quality, a lot of apps that negatively affect your handset find their way into your app drawer. But fortunately for us, Motorola has a plan to stop the problem dead in its tracks.

By using MotoBlur to track the performance of apps on Android phones, users will someday be notified of exactly how certain apps behave. For example, if an app is known to leech battery life like there’s no tomorrow, MotoBlur will warn you.

While the system sounds great in theory, only time will tell how accurate the scenario will play out in real usage — Especially considering MotoBlur’s reputation for performance. Hopefully Ja is keeping his company in check as well.

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