Big Mountain Snowboarding now rocks Honeycomb tablets

If you’ve caught the fever for Golden Hammer’s Big Mountain Snowboarding on Android, but have been longing to play on your Honeycomb tablet, it’s time to head on over to the Android Market for a new download. The app has been updated to support Android 3.0, and perhaps more importantly, the tablets that carry that version. The difference in control is substantial; instead of twisting your tiny, light phone in the air, the game is controlled by manipulating your tablet in space. Which, when the tablet is a Galaxy 10.1, adds a sense of weight and size to the game that makes it much more immersive, not to mention easier to imagine you’re controlling a snowboard instad of one of those old trinket fingerboards.

The full application costs $1.99 and allows you to twist, tilt, and snap your way through slalom courses, various obstacles, and a host of tricks that will earn you points.

Some aspects of the game don’t look too hot on a larger screen, and fuzzy edges aren’t difficult to spot. Still, the overall experience is vastly improved by the extra display real estate, and the larger form factor of tablets makes for a more appropriate method of control.

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